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Reclaimed Words

In the last year there as been a lot of discourse about how words are used to describe people. There are positive words but there are also a lot of negative ones.  This collection is inspired by the words I have taken back and now wear as a badge of honour.  As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community I think it’s important to forget the words of the bullies and bigots and to show them that we are stronger than that.  

The words included in this collection are ones I have personally reclaimed but I want to hear yours as well.  Take a picture with your RECLAIMED WORD and tag Binge in it and I will try to build on this collection going forward to include your badges of honour.  If I use it - you'll get a FREE t-shirt. 

A 10% donation will be made from every product to the LGBT Foundation who help the entire community.

Each t-shirt is designed with a vintage feel and is available in multiple colours, sizes and styles.