Electric Neon LED Hightops

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Binge presents our brand new collection of Gender Free Fashion Hightops.  Not only are they lit but they also light up.  Strictly LIMITED EDITION!

We are so excited about this product - you won't believe what it can do! Check out the features below! Available in Men's and Women's sizes.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

 APP CONTROLLED - That's right our shoe lights are controlled by your cell phone. The Electric Styles Connect APP is available on Google Play & Apple App Store.
ANIMATED LEDs - Take your shoes to the next level with 10 new animated modes such as rainbow, chasing and many more! 
CHOOSE YOUR COLOR - Our color wheel allows you to choose from over 256 different colors and then you can adjust your brightness.
SOUND RESPONSIVE - This app allows your shoes to blink to the beat of the music! You can even choose the color that will blink to the beat by selecting it on the color wheel. 
SYNC - You can even sync the music from your phone's library to the app and watch your shoes blink to the beat. 
EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE - Your shoes will last 4-6 hours per charge. They are USB rechargeable. 
ALL OVER PRINT This awesome shoe is crafted with vegan leather allowing us to print anything anywhere. 


 Women's Sizes Men's Sizes
US 5.5 (EU36) US 5 (EU38)
US 6 (EU37) US 6 (EU39)
US 7 (EU38) US 7.5 (EU41)
US 8 (EU39) US 8.5 (EU42)
US 9 (EU40) US 9.5 (EU43)
US 10 (EU41) US 10 (EU44)
US 11 (EU42) US 11 (EU45)
US 11.5 (EU43) US 12 (EU46)


*These shoes are handmade & require 14-20 days to deliver* Please be careful when choosing your size as returns can't be made for incorrect sizing.