PRIDE 2020 - Marsha P. Johnson Organic Tote Bag

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To celebrate Pride 2020 we have revived this design to commemorate one of the LGBTQ+ community's finest activists. 

Marsha P. Johnson was a fantastic trans drag performer and staple at The Stonewall Inn.  She was one of the first to stand up to the police when they raided the bar on June 28th 1969 which culminated in a riot which started the gay liberation movement.  Marsha tragically died in 1992 victim of a possible homicide that the NYPD refused to investigate.    


Profits from the sale of this collection will be donated to Black Pride UK.

100% Combed Organic Cotton, Fashion Tote Bag.

* Fabric: Twill weave
* Weight: 5.01 oz / 170 g

Sizes: XS 8 S 10 M 12 L 14 XL 16 2XL* 18

This product comes in a kraft paper mailbag. We use ‘World’s First’ Kraft paper alternative to plastic polythene mailing bag. THE most eco-friendly kraft mailbag on the market. Printed using plant-based, up-cycled inks and do not contain any animal products!

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